Game 1. Avs-Wings. Forsberg to the Rafters

Posted: October 10, 2011 in Avs vs. Detroit Red Wings, Game Thoughts


If you have not seen the Forsberg retirement ceremony, as an Avs fan it is definitely worth watching. I was at the game and came home and watched it again: it’s just as good the second time.

For Forsberg, it will be a night he will never forget. For the Avs, I hope they can forget as soon as possible. The game was ugly. I understand that Detroit is a good team, but how can the Avs not win that one? It’s opening night, against a rival, with one of the franchises best players being honors, against a backup goalie, against a team that played in Ottawa the night before. I just don’t understand how the team could come out and look so uninspired.
The first five minutes were great, they were controlling the puck, and generating some good scoring chances, but after that, they looked awful. I keep telling myself not to over-react because it is just one game, but why do I have a feeling that it could be a long year? But you know what, it’s ok if we have a bad year and don’t make the playoffs, because then we will get a high draft pick to be another cornerstone of this franchise…..oh….wait…..NO WE WON’T. I’m not saying that I don’t like Varlamov because I do. But come on Sherman…a first and a second..seems like a lot.

Speaking of Varlamov, he was one of the bright spots for the team on Saturday. He looked good. Neither of the goals he let up were his fault. I think there is a chance that he could have stopped the Franzen goal but at the same time, that was a pretty sick shot. 36 saves is a solid game, and he was the strongest link in the chain last night.

The only other bright spot from the game I thought, was Landeskog. He had a very good game, especially considering it was his first game. I honestly thought he was the best skater for the Avs last night. He always seemed to be around when the Avs had a decent scoring chance.

On the other side of the spectrum, Erik Johnson looked terrible. I’m a big EJ fan so it is tough for me to say, but he did. He looked uncomfortable with the puck, and many times, it felt like it lead to turnovers. Duchene also looked bad. He is a long way from where everyone wants him to eventually get to. The consistency is not there, and I think his shot needs to improve. I know it’s just one game, so I’m trying not to over-react to such a small sample size, but I’m questioning whether this team has the offense to compete for a playoff spot. Overall, I don’t want to make any harsh judgement after only I game, and I really hope I’m wrong, but I was not pleased at all with how they played.

On a different subject, I lost respect for a lot of fans at the game. I sat next to some Red Wing fans who throughout the whole Forsberg ceremony just sat there looking uninterested. Have some respect for the game. Forsberg was a great player, and Wings fans should respect him for his abilities. When Lidstrom gets his jersey retired (next year probably), if I was at that game, I would still cheer and clap for him, because he is a great, classy player, like Forsberg. Also yelling “Go Wings” during the moment of silence for Belak, Salei, and Skrastins made me sick. Have some respect.

Avs fans too. I don’t know how I feel about the “Red Wings Suck” chants and the fans who scream “BOOO” to anyone wearing a Red Wings jersey. I wouldn’t like it if someone did it to me in another stadium, so lets not do it here. It is an on ice rivalry, and while we don’t have to be nice to other teams fans, we don’t have to be rude either.


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