Game 3. Avs-Blue Jackets. Landeskog Tallies his First!

Posted: October 13, 2011 in Avs vs. Columbus Blue Jackets, Game Thoughts

The Avs win in a shootout. Landeskog scores his first. Varly is the first star of the game again. Where to start??

This night belongs to Gabriel Landeskog, it is a night he will never forget, therefore he gets the honor tonight. First NHL goal, and it could not have come at a better time. There I was sitting in disgust, with less than a minute left and the Avs trailing to the Blue Jackets, when Jan Hedja put a shot on net, and boom, it goes in. LANDESKOG SCORES Just how everyone imagines it growing up. Jumping out of the way but the puck hits your butt and bounces in. Veteran move in only his 3rd game. Hey, I’m sure he will take it. Congrats kid, I hope to see a lot more clutch goals from him in the future.

Next is Varly. First star for the second straight night. He had a solid game, he had some very good saves, but that second period was shaky. Lots of rebounds, and just couldn’t control the puck. The second goal was very stoppable but went in. When the Jackets scored early in the third, I thought the game was over. That was such a momentum swing for the Jackets, and we had scored 2 goals in 3 games to that point. But overall, I can’t complain about how Varly played. I’d take a night like that from our goalie every game of the year. I mean, he still stopped 31 of 33. But he was no Budaj in the shootout. Look for Giguere to start against Ottawa on Thursday, to give Varly a little rest early in the season, in hopes to avoid a similar situation when Craig Anderson was burnt out come playoff time two years ago.

Hey, a shootout. Got to love it, right? At least I do. Sure it’s a gimmick but they are fun to watch. Did we ever make Columbus look bad too. Hejduk just sniped a corner, and Duchene had such a big five hole to shoot through, I thought he might have discovered a six hole. Plus, Varly stopping two of three, where the shooters were Nash, Prospal, and Carter. Solid effort boys.

The Avs dominated the first period, and if they can keep that play throughout 3 periods they could do some damage this season. The team has also not allowed a powerplay goal yet, which I love to see. When they take a penalty, I am complaining a lot less right now, because I know they are going to kill it off. There have not even been that many good chances for opponents on the man advantage. But the game was far from blemish free. Erik Johnson continues to disappoint. No points yet, and he has made some terrible decisions, and had some terrible turnovers during the game. I have not be pleased with how he has played at all. Which is hard to say, because I really like him, and want him to rub the trade in St. Louis’ face in the future.

Peter Mueller is no where to be found. I can’t be that upset at him because he has not played a regular season game in a year and a half. But he has not even had good chances yet. Even on the powerplay from the point, where he really excelled after the trade in 2010. And while he has not played in a regular season game, he still had the preseason and training camp to get his game legs back. I’m a little worried about him, but will give him the benefit of the doubt…for now.

Overall, the Avs still have a lot of work to do. I love that they are 2-1, and have allowed five goals in three games. But at the same time, they are 2-1 and have only scored four goals. There is no way they keep that pace up. I am still worried about their offense. Duchene, who I would say is the best offensive threat we have, missed an empty-ish net today, it was a good play by the D, but you gotta put those home. Also, both the goals were fluke goals. Galiardi’s just trickled in, and really should have been stopped. And sorry Landeskog, but that was a very lucky goal. They need to find someone who can consistently put the biscuit in the basket.

I will try and get something up about tomorrow’s game, but I will probably only be able to watch the first period. Stupid school. Assuming Giguere plays, that should be interesting, also how the Avs play against Craig Anderson. All I will say about that, is if they can’t score on him…they might be in trouble. One more shout out to Jan Hejda for sticking it to his old team with a very solid game.


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