Roster Talk: Peter Mueller and Potential Trades

Posted: October 21, 2011 in Roster Talk

I said it on July 1st, and I will say it now…the Avs should have re-signed Tomas Fleischmann. In fact, before free agency I said the Avs should offer Fleischmann a 4 year, $16 Million contract. He signed with Florida for 4 years, and $18 Million. The Avs should have offered him that contract, everyone knows the Avs have the money.

The reason the Avs didn’t resign him: Peter Mueller. They didn’t need Fleischmann to play with Duchene because Mueller would be. Am I the only one that thinks the Avs front office beginning to regret not keeping him in the burgundy and blue? He has the best chemistry with Duchene out of anyone that he has played with, and I think that is important enough to keep him around, if nothing else, to please the future of the franchise.

So Mueller is out with a “head injury” but everyone knows that is his concussion symptoms. And they are back. I REALLY REALLY hope not, but I just can’t see how he can ever be productive again. What I believe is happening is another Marc Savard situation. He is a great player, but even if he does come back, Mueller will be more fragile than ever, and will certainly be one hit away from his career ending.

I feel so bad for him, because here he is, drafted 8th overall, with a bright future ahead of him, can’t stay healthy or productive in Phoenix, and eventually is traded to the Avs. He resurrects his career scoring 20 points in 15 games, but then suffers a concussion against the Sharks in the playoff. Then another one next preseason, misses the whole season, finally gets back this year, plays 2 or 3 games thinking he is going to be able to continue his career, and the symptoms come back, threatening his career to be done by age 24. I wish and hope that he will be able to come back, not even for the team, but for Peter himself, so he can continue his lifelong dream of playing in the NHL.

But, I think the Avs need to move on, as if he will not be back. Which brings me to this…the Avs need to make a trade and quick. Here are a few possible trades I think the Avs could make that would help them out.

Avs get: Antoine Vermette. Blue Jackets get: Greg Mauldin, Jonas Holos, 3rd round pick.

Why is makes sense for the Avs: They get a winger who can put up some points (48 last year, on the Blue Jackets team without much offense). He is great at winning faceoffs, and can play on the powerplay and penalty kill.

Why is makes sense for the Jackets: They stink. They need to do something to generate interest in the team, and get some depth for their lineup. Mauldin and Holos will never make it up to the Avs for a whole season, at best they fill in for a few games when someone gets hurt. They would get a chance to play and be productive on Columbus. The 3rd rounder also gives them a chance to to draft a decent prospect, who could help them in the future.

Avs get: Kris Versteeg. Panthers get: TJ Galiardi, 2nd round pick, 5th round pick

Why is makes sense for the Avs: Versteeg knows what it takes to win a cup (with Chicago two years ago). He is still only 25 and could be another core piece for the Avs in the future. He had 46 points last year. TJ is simply a 4th liner now on the Avs.

Why is makes sense for the Panthers: I’m not sure Versteeg is in the Panthers long term plan. They would get a solid winger, who is gritty in TJ Galiardi, and a quality 2nd round pick, along with a 5th round pick that could turn into something.

Avs get: Sidney Crosby….*sigh*

Avs get: Brad Boyes, Derek Roy. Sabres get: Paul Stastny, 2nd round pick.

Why is makes sense for the Avs: They are 2 or 3 years away from Stastny fighting for the 3rd line center behind Duchene, O’reilly, and maybe Hishon. They get a solid winger in Boyes: 55 points last year. And Roy is still a very good center, very underrated, and should also transfer to a wing for one of the Avs centers. Imagine the top 6 forwards: Duchene, O’reilly, Landeskog, Boyes, Roy and Jones. That does not include Hejduk, Galiardi, Winnik. Aside from Hejduk, who would be getting up there in age, that would be a nasty top 9.

Why is makes sense for the Sabres: The Sabres are in win now mode. Stastny provides that prolific passer they are looking for. And they have shown interest in Stastny already. It would also free up $1.5 million in cap space, where they could add another piece at the deadline if someone is available that they want, or someone gets hurt. The 2nd rounder also provides a decent amount of value.

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