Game 8. Avs-Blackhawks. Landeskog Saves the Day!

Posted: October 22, 2011 in Avs vs. Chicago Blackhawks, Game Thoughts

I thought the Avs were done. Letting in a third unanswered goal, to go down 4-3 with five minutes left…no chance. But I was wrong! Landeskog comes up with a HUGE goal. His 2nd of the night, and the Avs best player tonight. He alone has provided 4 points for the Avs with his goals in Columbus and now Chicago.

Big two points, the Avs could not afford to be swept in this home and home series. 6-2-0 Sounds a thousand times better than 5-3-0 to me. They started the game off playing very well, and with a 1-0 lead after the first I was feeling pretty good. But the Blackhawks outplayed the Avs for the next 45 minutes.

Everyone knows about the Broncos fans who bought billboards trying to get Tebow to start, well does anyone want to buy a fire Joe Sacco billboard? If I were to rank all the coaches in the NHL, 1-30, I would rank him 35, after 4 AHL coaches, and the Glenwood Springs Peewee coach. I understand he is trying to send a message to Duchene, BUT 11:35 MINUTES OF ICE TIME FOR YOUR BEST PLAYER is not okay. I’m sure Duchene will say all the right things, but deep down a stunt like that has to plant a seed of anger at the coach and organization for that. You simply cannot do that. Also, the Avs are 0-2 at home, where more coaching is involved, with having the last change. Just saying…

The fan to the left of Sacco sums it up perfectly.

The defense played terrible today. Pretty much everyone, but I am going to single out Erik Johnson who gift-wrapped a goal with a bow tie and shipped it first class to Michal Frolik at the United Center. You can watch it HERE if you have not seen it (the first goal in the second period). That was lazy, and had his head down for most of the play. Ryan O’byrne also looked bad out there tonight, but the one specific play that stands out to me was a play where he had the puck in their own zone, right in front of the goal, with 3 or 4 Blackhawks around, and just stood there. It was awful.

The Avs were lucky to win this game. They did not deserve it. But I will take it, that is for sure. The two goals by Landeskog were overall pretty solid, and I suppose I will give credit to Stastny for the tip-in, but I do always think there is quite a bit of luck involved on any tip in, and Jones goal was all luck, but I guess better lucky than good they say.

Got to give props to Varlamov again, who stopped 34 of 38, which is not great, but once again kept us in the game with a number of very solid saves, along with all 3 in the shootout. Keep it up, Varly. Also, Joakim Lindstrom, I was doubting the selection for the third shooter, I was saying Landeskog, but he proved me wrong with a great deke for the win.

The Canucks got better today, acquiring David Booth, and former Av Steve Reinprecht and a pick for not that much I thought; Mikael Samuelsson and Marco Sturm. I think Booth is a very solid player, and Dale Tallon made a mistake trading him. But I bring this up because I think the Avs need some offense. We can’t count on a performance like Landeskog had tonight, on every night, from any person. And it took the a great performance like that just to get to overtime. They need to make a move.

The Avs next game is Wednesday in Calgary against the Flames, it starts at 8 p.m. Mountain Time.


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