Game 12. Avs-Coyotes. Did the Avs Leave Their Offense on the East Coast?

Posted: November 2, 2011 in Avs vs. Phoenix Coyotes, Game Thoughts

Well, another poor effort from the Avs leads to another loss west of the Mississippi. I’m going to throw out some facts before I get to tonight’s game. The Avs are 2-5 excluding the 5 game east coast road trip, also 2-5 against the western conference. They have not scored back to back goals in four games, and have only done it three times the whole season. They are 1-4 at home. They have scored 14 goals in 8 games against the western conference, 9 goals in 7 games, if you don’t include the 5-4 Chicago game. Things are not nearly as good as the 7-5-0 or 14 points suggest.

Tonight’s game was not good. Once again the Avs cannot capitalize on early powerplay opportunities. The Avs are not nearly as good on the powerplay as their league ranking of second. Without the Ottawa game (4 PPG on 6 chances), they are 6/32 on the powerplay, good for 13th in the league. Not to mention the other fluke goals they have had on the powerplay.

Things got worse when Phoenix scored less than eight minutes into the game, on a terrible defensive play. It started early, when Erik Johnson won the race to the puck, but barely tapped it with a poke check, and gave it right to the Coyotes. Then, before the puck was in the net, it was a three on two for the Coyotes, and both Hejda and EJ were laying on the ice. Obivously Phoenix scored. Watch it HERE, it is worth it just to see the terrible defense.

Honestly for the next period plus a couple minutes, the game was pretty boring. It was a very defensive game with few chances, but I was still feeling decent because it was only a one goal game. But then near the end of the second period, Phoenix scored again. Of course it was also a pretty soft goal, and I thought Varlamov definitely should have stopped it. Varly surely has not been at his best these past couple of game in my opinion, and I expect to see Giggy in next against the Stars.

But then, something happened, and I’m glad I was paying attention for it, because it feels like it only happens once every 78 years. I looked outside a saw Halley’s comet, oh wait, that was not it, but it was the Avs coming back 30 seconds after a goal was scored against them and got one of their own. I’ve been used to it happening the other way. So once again I had some hope. The Avs were down by only one again, had shown some life, had finally beaten Mike Smith, and would have the momentum going into the third period.

It lasted all of 24 seconds. During the first shift of the third, the Coyotes scored another awful goal. First off, I have no clue how Varlamov let off a rebound there, especially one right in front of the net. A concrete wall would have done a better job controlling the rebound. And second, Kyle Quincey has to stop his man from scoring. Sure, it was a nice play by Phoenix, but for a defensive core that is so big, could size have been less of a factor through these first 12 games. I challenge you to think of one play this year where the Avs defense has used their size to make a good play. Nothing comes to mind for me.

Quincey is tied for second on the Avs in scoring. With all due respect to him, that should not happen during any 12 game stretch.

I am sick of the Avs offense. When the other team scores a goal, overtime almost becomes a best case scenario. The sad thing is that statement is not even an exaggeration. Can we please make a trade for someone, anyone, who is going to put the puck in the net. We have too many passers, and not enough scorers.

The Avs next game is Friday in Dallas against the Stars. It starts at 6:30 p.m. Mountain time.


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