The Avs off the Ice. Avs Marketing.

Posted: November 6, 2011 in The Avs off the Ice

For one of my classes I had to write a business story. Being interested in sports, I wanted to make my story sports related, and I settled on “How the Avs make money”.

A major part of my story was about the Avs marketing team, and what they are doing to get people to come to games. Some of the things I found out were quite surprising, so I thought I would share them.

First off, I was told that NHL teams could not market outside of 50 miles from there city. That is just stupid in my opinion. I don’t know how many readers like further than 50 miles away from Denver, but there are a ton of Avs fans further than 50 miles away who, I think, if they were marketed to, would go to more games. Here in Laramie, 150 miles from Denver, I feel there is a decent amount of hockey fans would go to games if there was stronger advertising in the area.

The next thing was the most shocking, and baffling piece of information from the whole story in my opinion. As sports fans will tell you, the NBA is currently in a lockout. And personally, I love it and hope it lasts all year. If it does, it would give hockey the entire North American professional sports world starting in February. Football will end, and if there is no basketball, hockey has the stage to itself. What an opportunity for the sport to gather popularity and become much more mainstream than it currently is. And for the Avs, it will start in January, because there is no way the Broncos make the playoffs.

So here are all these Nugget fans, with no events to go to, and no sports to follow except hockey. But according to an Avalanche Marketer, they are not doing anything, and won’t do anything to try to attract Nugget fans to Avalanche games. Am I the only one who thinks that is incredibly dumb? Here you have a large group of people who are willing to spend money to go to sporting events, and for a whole year, they cannot go because there are no games. The same thing happened with the NHL in 2005, and people stopped caring about the NHL. I simply can’t understand why they would not go after Nuggets’ fans. The only explanation I got was they were different demographics. And maybe age they are, but both are sports fans, willing to spend money on sports, and are going to do what is best for themselves, and going a year without sports is not what they would want, so why not try hockey? Better than nothing? Not according to the Avs Marketing Team.
In some ways I don’t want to get too upset with them, because they are professionals and I’m just a random person with not nearly as much knowledge about marketing as they have, but at the same time these things seem like it would be so obvious to try and would be successful.

Here are some other quick facts that I learned: Avs target market: Males, 35-54, “Because they can afford the tickets”. Main goal for the marketers? Getting the young players out to the public. The Puck Drop contest before the season is the biggest way they market the team because it involves so much social media. And last, accorded to the marketer, getting new fans is just as important as keeping current fans.


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