Game 15. Avs-Wings. Someone Get the Avs a Parachute for Their Free Fall

Posted: November 8, 2011 in Avs vs. Detroit Red Wings, Game Thoughts

Well, at least the Blue Jackets are awful, so we won’t have to give the Capitals the first overall pick. Honestly, from the last couple of games, I can’t understand why the Avs are so bad. Especially when the players they that need to play good, are playing good.

Lets start with Erik Johnson. He has really impressed the last couple of games. The biggest thing I have noticed is his confidence with the puck in their own zone. He has made some plays recently where he really fakes out the other teams skater, and instead of passing, carries the puck up the ice. He also has played really solid defense the past week. He really has been shutting people down for the most part, and have been a +1 the last three games, which is extra impressive because the Avs have been outscored 14-9. He had an assist tonight as well, but it has been his defense that has been very good lately.

Next has been the Avs best player, Matt Duchene. How good has he looked the last couple games? He has been incredibly strong on the puck. The other team just can’t take it away from him. He has been using his body well, and has been taking advantage of a very nice spin move lately to escape from defenders that usually works well. And I love how aggressive he has been. He is taking pucks to the net, and getting there at any means necessary. He looks upset on the ice with the puck. A man on a mission who will not accept how the team has been playing, and it is that kind of on ice attitude that a captain of a team would show.

I don’t want to blame the Avs struggles on Varlamov alone because the statistics he has are decent. But maybe I’m just used to a .889 save percentage and a 3.2 goals against average. But Varly simply has not gotten the job done. It seems that at least once a game, a goal goes in that shouldn’t. I’m not saying the goals have been his fault, but what I watch other teams play, I just don’t see so many weird, flukey, odd bounce goals. Most goals are either nice offensive plays, hard work, or bad defense, but the Avs somehow let in way too many goals that are just unusual plays, and I don’t know where the blame lies on plays like that or how to fix it, but the Avs let in too many, and other teams to not, for it to simply be bad luck, but I don’t know what it could be.

I think Giguere should start at least the next two games for the Avs. He was solid in relief tonight, and has been very good when called upon this year. Plus, it is just me who thinks he looks HUGE in net?

He looks huge, no?

I will say this though, he is incredibly slow moving from side to side, and I feel like every game he has been in, the other team has swooped in from behind the net, from one side to the other, and had a near open net. He is slower than a pitcher running to first base after hitting a soft grounder back to the pitcher. But I think 4 or 5 days away from games might be good for Varly, and it will give Giggy a chance to show what he has got.

Also, when can we fire Joe Sacco? That guy is a terrible coach. The Avs have got 7 homes game in all of 2011, and only 3 in regulation! That is not ok. The guy has switched more lines than Rex Ryan has said dumb things to the media. I believe he is honestly one of the biggest factors as to why the Avs are not winning. The guy does have one thing going for him, he just signed a sponsorship with Hoover, because he sucks so much. I’m just saying, when was the last time Joe Sacco did anything good for the team. Whether it is pulling a goalie, which goalie to start, switching up the lines, or just the system in general, he never seems to get it right.

The Avs next game is against the Islanders at Pepsi Center, which I will be attending! It starts at 7 p.m. Mountain time.


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