Game 17. Avs-Flames. Massive Comeback Falls Short

Posted: November 13, 2011 in Avs vs. Calgary Flames, Game Thoughts

Why is it that I have more hope for them to win a game when they are losing 4-0, than 1-0? Honestly that was the situation that I was in during the game. It was very similar to the Islanders game, and honestly, after 4-0 I almost knew they were going to make a run. But, it fell short, and the Avs slip back into big trouble having lost more games than they have won. Apparently the Flames have our number, and I can’t explain why, but there is no excuse for losing three straight games to them, when all three times, they have been below the Avs in the standings.

Talk about disappointing. I don’t understand why Giguere was not in goal, and honestly I feel bad for him because Sacco is no longer giving him a fair chance. He just had a great game against, and kept them in it when they were down 3-0, but does not get a chance to back it up. Giving up two goals on the first two shots is unacceptable. Most people are going to blame the Johnson-Wilson paring because they were on the ice for the first 3 goals, but I am going to put it on the forwards. The first and third goals were trailers on the play who came and followed up, and the forwards should have been more aggressive with stopping them. The second goal, maybe a little on Wilson for not being able to clear it, but it was a nice play by Calgary to keep it in, and a lucky bounce right to Iginla.

But the Stempniak goal, never should have been. He slashed Hejda’s stick to get the puck, and should have been a penalty. In hindsight, the refs cost us the game right there.

But Hejduk comes up with a big goal, and honestly I thought the Avs were going to come back. It was like they just flipped the switch on. And they did it earlier than the Islanders game, they still had 6 minutes left in the second. They didn’t another in the second, and I lost a little hope, but then Duchene picks a corner, and scores with a sweet shot. 4-2, with all of the third period left? I’m feeling pretty good. Then Jones, it was longer than I was hoping for, with only 4+ minutes left, but still, they could pull the goalie and have a chance. And that is exactly what they did, even before the faceoff with just 4 seconds left I had not given up. I mean, Duchene made a great play to save an empty net goal, it was almost fate. The Avs won the draw, and when there was the mad scramble in front, I honestly thought the puck was going to find its way in. But it did not.

So here we are, now 8-8-1, and a lot of questions. The organization has to make a change. Somewhere, somehow, whether it is a trade, or a firing, the status quo is not working. They have to shake things up. And the sooner the better, just look at how the Blues have played since Davis Payne was fired. Showing a lot more life and effort, just what the Avs need.

The Avs have a very tough test their next game at Pittsburgh. It starts at 5:30 p.m. Mountain time. And ladies and gentlemen, it could be Sidney Crosby’s return to the ice.


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