Game 19. Avs-Wild. Avs Now Lost 7 of 8.

Posted: November 17, 2011 in Avs vs. Minnesota Wild, Game Thoughts

The Avs can’t buy a win right now. Well, maybe they can and Kroenke just does not like to spend money on the Avs, but things are just not going their way. Once again a fluke bounce leads to an Avs loss.
All Giguere has done this year is keep the Avs in games, and he did once again tonight. The goal was in no way his fault, but I will say that I think Varly would have stopped it. Giguere is just so slow from side to side, and I think it showed there. But I can’t blame Giggy for anything related to the loss. The goal was just a lucky bounce.

But how many times have the Avs lost because of lucky bounces? It seems like it happens once a week. But I liked the emotion I saw out of two people in the third. First was David Jones. After taking a hard hit in the corner, he gets right back up and delivers a big blow to Justin Falk. Of course Falk got up and started taking cheap shots at Jones, but Jones held his composure, and because of that he drew a penalty. That was overall a great effort and play by Jones.

I also liked what I saw from Erik Johnson tonight. I thought he played hard all night, but I liked how he went after Matt Cullen at the end of the game. It was a bit of a cheap shot as well, with the elbow, but it was needed after Clutterbuck hit McClement in the face with his stick. It also showed a lot of anger I though, and how he just skated away showed he didn’t care about what he did. It was the first time I thought EJ really showed anger on the ice, and I thought it was good.

The Avs need to turn things around, and quick. They are 12th in the conference, at least 3 points back from eighth, with at least 2 games at hand for the other team. If San Jose wins tonight, they will be 4 points back, and will have played 3 more games. The fact is they simply can’t afford to lose another one in the row.

I honestly don’t know what else there is to say about this game. I mean, Yip came back, and played a decent game but he is a third liner at best and should not be a big factor for the Avs winning games. If there is one positive thing to say about this loss, which right now is hard to find, I would say we are one game away from Sacco being fired now. If I knew for sure that Sacco would be fired if they lost tomorrow, I would be rooting for the Stars, and even though he should be, the Avs management has proven that they like this guy much more than they should.

I honestly don’t know who is going to start tomorrow. Obviously it should be Giguere but with Sacco you never know. With back to back games, and his obsession with playing the wrong goalie at the wrong time, I would not be that surprised to see Varly in net.

The Avs next game is Friday, against the Stars at Pepsi Center. The game starts at 7 p.m. Mountain time.


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