Game 20. Avs-Stars. Giguere Ends Stars Life- Supernova Occurs

Posted: November 19, 2011 in Avs vs. Dallas Stars, Game Thoughts

Well, I love the win, gotta love how the team played, but this also means that Sacco is going to be around for longer, because apparently each Avalanche wins equals at least 2 more weeks for Sacco. But oh well.

This is going to make things difficult for Sacco, obviously he wants to play Varly, but Giguere has earned at least 2 more stars. What more is there to say than Giggy should be the starter for the Avs right now. The guy has been money this year when called upon, and right now he gives the team the best chance to win. So much so that I actually heard Varly being compared to Steve Mason today. Ouch. It has gone from the Washington trade was a steal for the Avs, to Varly is like Steve Mason. That’s rough.

I didn’t really think any of the goals the Avs scored were great goals, but hey, when it is the Avs that are scoring the ugly goals, I don’t mind. I suppose it was good to see Kobasew score the eventual game winner, I was expecting 20 goals from him this year, and while I don’t see that happening anymore, he could be a productive third or fourth liner for the club. But I think part of the Avs overall problem is that I am saying that about half their team.

I love the Stastny goal though. Talk about huge. I am never comfortable with one goal leads because all it takes is a fluke play to tie the game, but Stastny comes through with a huge goal. I love the effort, with the dive and on his knees. I feel like a lot of players might just extend the stick with one hand, but Stastny has scored other goals diving, one specifically I remember was against Columbus.

Maybe this is bad, but I have some confidence in the team again. Maybe it is Giguere in net, maybe it is just finally getting a win, but I have high hopes for the Avs game on Sunday. I know the Sharks are good, and seem to have had the Avs number lately, but a win there could pull the Avs within a point of the playoffs and that sounds a lot better than where they have been recently.

Overall, the Avs won a must win game, and I guess that is a good thing even though it means more of Sacco.

The Avs next game is Sunday against the San Jose Sharks at Pepsi Center. The game starts at 6 p.m. Mountain time.


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