Game 23. Avs-Oilers. Welcome to the Big Leagues Stefan Elliott!

Posted: November 26, 2011 in Avs vs. Edmonton Oilers, Game Thoughts

Gotta give it up for Stefan Elliott. His first NHL game, his first NHL goal, and the game winner. It can’t get any better for him right now. The Avs got a huge win tonight thanks to the defense.

Finally, a change in the lineup. Obviously not how you want it, with an injury to EJ, but it was nice to see a fresh face out there. Elliott had a great game, and everyone is now talking about how he should replace EJ, but a player like Elliott might be what Johnson needs. Another d-man that has offensive abilities to open up the ice for him and his big shot more. I think that tandem would make a solid defensive paring.

Watching Elliott score his first goal tonight made me want to accomplish something in my life, athletically. Good thing I just got a belly putter. That way I can demolish the competition at golf tournaments next summer.

As for the game tonight, it was great to see a win. But why does it seem like every time the Avs are a game away from firing Sacco, they win buying him a few more games, which they lose, only to win the one game again. Looks like Sacco will be here for at least another week.

Another thing people are going to say is how it was good to see the offense put up five goals. But I’m going to be quick to point out that the offense did not. The offense put up one legit goal. The defense put up three, and Stastny had an empty netter. We can’t count on the defense to score three goals a game, and this game only furthers my opinion that we have no offense. But I want to give props to Jay McClement. He has been very solid this year, and just goes under the radar most of the time. If there is only one thing that Greg Sherman is good at, it is getting an extra piece under the radar in a trade. Kevin Porter in the Mueller trade, McClement in the EJ trade, to name the big ones, and both players are filling their roles nicely on the team right now.

Once again, Varlamov had a good game too, stopping 31-33 is very solid. It has been nice to see solid play out of him these past two games. It looks as if he is getting back into his October form. The second goal could have been stopped, but I can’t really blame Varlamov alone for it. But the Avs are still in trouble in the standings. Sitting in 12th and what looks like 6 points back of the 8th seed, having played more games than most of the teams between 8-12.

Honestly, what shocked me the most about watching the game, was the sound of the crowd. It was dead silent. I figured that no one was there. I mean, holiday weekend, people are with their families, don’t want to go out, but then I look at the attendance, and it was over 17,000. I was shocked. I love seeing it though. Always good to fill up the Pepsi Center.

That was the scene at the game I went to on the 10th. Yep, pretty sad.

Overall, I love seeing wins, especially come from behind wins, where for the first time in over a month they scored the next goal, after the only team goes up by one. Hopefully the Avs can get some momentum from this win, and actually win back to back games. (Remember the major league 2 quote). For now Avs fans, it’s not much, but enjoy the win, and try and regain some hope in the back of your mind.

The Avs next game is Monday against the Dallas Stars at Pepsi Center. The game starts at 7 p.m. Mountain Time.


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