Game 24. Avs-Stars. Porter’s Late Goal Not Enough

Posted: November 28, 2011 in Avs vs. Dallas Stars, Game Thoughts

Was that Tim Thomas in goal for the Stars tonight, or did the Avs just make Andrew Raycroft look like a Vezina candidate? I understand that Raycroft played good tonight, but the Avs have faced four backup goalies in a row, and are now 1-3 in those games. I’m pretty sure that if I was in goal for the Stars tonight, I could have won the game.

I miss when the Avs used to score goals

But, the one bright spot for the Avs offensively was Kevin Porter! First goal of the season, and at the time, it was a clutch one. Typical Kevin Porter, always doing things right, and never getting credit. Don’t worry Kev, I got your back.

Another person who had a very good game was Varlamov. 32-34 and some very nice saves, you certainly can’t blame Varly for this one. I knew that the rest would be good for him, and he has been nothing but very solid since returning.

Who I can blame it on is Stefan Elliott. On the first goal, he is just skating in no mans land. He guy is skating into the zone and he gives him WAY too much room, and it actually is an easy pass to Nystrom for the goal. WATCH it here, but don’t want the puck, just watch Elliott and you will see what I’m talking about.

Then, right when the Avs have some momentum, late in the third, with an empty net, Elliott makes a bonehead play and shows very little effort, hustle, and then actually gets to the puck and lets Ryder take it right away. I have not seen defense like that since Matt at the floor hockey game this afternoon. I win the draw, and an immediate turnover leads to an goal. But that is what should happen with a bunch of college kids playing for fun, but certainly not in the NHL. I only wish I could talk to all the people who were saying Elliott is better than Johnson after the Edmonton game, but I’m sure none of them will come out tonight.

Think positive everyone. Think…there is a chance Sacco will be fired. Not likely, but there is a chance. What really makes me angry about Sacco being the coach is, I think the only reason he is still around is because Kroenke is too cheap to fire him and pay another coach. Tell me if I’m wrong about this, but the coach also has a guaranteed contract, no?

But really, the Avs are in trouble. They are 2-3 on this home stand, and even if they finish 4-4, it would be bad. They need to win the next three for there to be any chance of success over the past couple of weeks, and really even the season. So hopefully we have Columbus, Anaheim, and Winnipeg right? Well, turns out it’s a solid Devils team, a streaking Blues team, and the Red Wings. Does that sound like 3 more losses to anyone else as well?

The last time they won back to back games, was the five game road trip at the beginning of the season. I’m not sure the Avs will win 5 games the rest of the season, none the less in a row like they did before. But that reminds me, where is David Jones? He scored that ot winner in Toronto, but after that he never seems to contribute with goals anymore? He has 3 goals since then. The Avs need more out of him.

The Avs next game is Wednesday against the New Jersey Devils at Pepsi Center. The game starts at 7:30 p.m. Mountain time.

  1. Advenstor says:

    The avs looked disorganized last night; it seemed as if they never knew where their teammates would be on the ice; it seemed like a lot of their passes were to no-one; I would like to see a stat that would show how well a team is passing the puck becasue the avs looked terrible last night in that department

    • ppajak says:

      It’s not just the players on the ice. The whole organization is disorganized. It’s so bad right now, I’m starting to look straight at the Kroenke’s to blame. It seriously makes me question whether they care about the team at all. They have done nothing to show they want this team to succeed. They are just in it for the money I guess. There is no way the least expensive ticket should be $30. The whole situation is very frustrating.

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