Game 25. Avs-Devils. Fans Finally See Goals at Pepsi Center

Posted: November 30, 2011 in Avs vs. New Jersey Devils, Game Thoughts

What a game for the Avs. How can you not love the six goals. I hate to do this after a six goal night, but that is probably what a statistics teacher would call an outlier. It’s not like they have not scored big numbers before, and until i see they can put the puck in the net on a consistent basis, I won’t believe it.

What a game by Ryan O’Reilly. I have to start with that. The guy works hard every shift, and tonight he was certainly rewarded, finishing with a goal and two assists.

But before all the Avs fans come out and declare the team a threat again, go back and watch the six goals. The first goal was a nice play by O’Reilly, and you have to give him credit, not to mention the hustle to get the puck to Hejduk, but honestly, the Devils were only in that position because Adam Henrique made a bad turnover. It never should have happened. The second goal was even worse. A terribly lazy play by Henrik Tallinder was the only reason Galiardi ever touched the puck. Once again, not so much a great play by the Avs, as it was a terrible play by the Devils. Next was Hejda’s goal. I can’t complain about that. It was probably the Avs best goal of the night. It started in their own zone, brought the puck over the line for a change, Stastny was in a perfect position in front of the goal, and Hejda had a nice shot.

The fourth goal was not great either. While O’Reilly did work hard, it was still a pretty lucky bounce, but it is about time the Avs get some of those. The fifth goal was shorthanded. Enough said. Pretty much anytime a short handed goal is scored it is the other team’s fault, and this was no different. And the last goal was a wrist shot glove side, from the high slot with no screen. Come on, that should be stopped. Bottom line is, if this was a Devils blog, I would be ripping the team for an awful game, therefore I don’t think I can say what a great game it was for the Avs.

Here is another interesting stat. 11 different players registered a point for the Avs tonight. How many did Paul Stastny have? As many as I had. Either the Avs should sign me to a contract, or Stastny is under preforming . And while the easy answer would be that Stastny is under preforming, not many have seen my wrist shot from the circle: deadly. But my point is, why should the Avs not trade Stastny when he is not contributing to the team, and they could get very solid pieces in return.

Another bright spot tonight was Varlamov. He has continued to impress after his break. 18-19 tonight, and he has made some very nice saves. The one goal he let up was a soft one, but I’m still not sure who to blame it on. It was partly his fault for awkwardly playing the puck as it came into the zone, and partly O’Brien for making a bad play once he had the puck. But I will not think about it too much, and just let it go, because it is the only one that got past him. If he continues to only let in one goal a game, the Avs might manage to win two in a row.

While I’m still far from being sold that this team will turn things around, it will be a little easier to sleep tonight after a 6-1 win. And a little fantasy hockey tip for any players out there: It is probably worth it to pick up Stefan Elliott if you are in a fairly deep league, for at least a week or two, and see what happens with him. He could provide some decent points for a D-man.

The Avs next game is Friday, Friday, gotta get down (to Pepsi Center) on Friday. Everybody’s looking forward to the Blues. It will be the first game for Chris Stewart and Kevin Shattenkirk back at Pepsi Center since the trade, so everyone go and show their support. For the Avs, not Stewart and Shattenkirk. The game starts at 7 p.m. Mountain Time.


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