Game 43. Avs-Blues. Blues Destroy a Lazy Avs Team

Posted: January 7, 2012 in Avs vs. St. Louis Blues, Game Thoughts

What a horrible game tonight. The Avs made the Blues look like an All-Star team. I think the team’s conditioning might be a factor. The game against the Jets was the second half of a back to back and they looked slow and tired, and now tonight they looked slow and tired. It’s tough to win all 4 games on a road trip when you are facing such good teams, but I would have liked to see a better effort.

About the only good thing for the Avs tonight was that Ryan Wilson is a little closer to returning back to the ice.

The game started off bad quickly, when less than 4 minutes in, Kyle Quincy made a terrible turnover right in front of his own net that led to an easy goal for the Blues. It was right then I thought the Avs were going to lose. When you’re playing a team with the best home record in the NHL, coming off of playing the day before, you just have to get that first goal. Even if you don’t, at least make St. Louis work for it, instead of gift wrapping it for them.

Only having 2 shots in the whole first period is just unacceptable. The Avs needed to come out hungry for a win, hungry to sweep the road trip, but they came out slow, tired, and had little interest in the game. The Blues took advantage later in the period and Kevin Shattenkirk scored one low glove at the end of a powerplay.

Speaking of powerplays, it’s awful hard to win when you take 8 penalties. That is a direct relationship to not being in good enough shape. Instead of using their bodies and moving their feet, the Avs were using their sticks and taking terrible penalties.

Another terrible decision was starting Giguere. I know he didn’t play that bad, but when you have a hot goalie like Varlamov who had 3 days of rest before playing yesterday, then shut out the Chicago Blackhawks, he deserves to start the game. Terrible decision by Sacco.

It was not just the goaltending though. Having only 15 shots in 60 minutes of play is unacceptable. 1 shot every 4 minutes, that’s a joke!

The Blues added 2 powerplay goals early in the 2nd, and the game was quickly out of reach. It was really an ugly, ugly game for the Avs. There are some other points I want to bring up.

The Avs did not score on the powerplay, going 0-4, which was a big reason why they lost tonight. They had a chance in the first period get score a powerplay goal and get back into the game, but they didn’t even generate a decent chance. Their powerplay has looked awful.

I really missed Kevin Shattenkirk tonight. It was the first time since the trade where doubts started to creep into my mind. Maybe Duncan Siemens will be great down the line, but it was just hard to watch the game that Shattenkirk had. Maybe Stefan Elliott or Tyson Barrie will turn out to be the next Shattenkirk, or Liles, but tonight it was a little disheartening.

It was a terrible night for the Avs in St. Louis, but also around the rest of the NHL. Almost every team that the Avs would want to lose, won today, so the Avs will finish the night in 10th.

The Avs next game is Tuesday against the Nashville Predators at Pepsi Center. The game starts at 7 p.m. Mountain time.


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