Game 50. Avs-Ducks. The Ryans bury the Avs.

Posted: January 22, 2012 in Avs vs. Anaheim Ducks, Game Thoughts

Well, what an ugly game that was for the Avs. At least the first 55 minutes of it was. It was a mistake starting Giguere tonight, but the Avs have been terrible in the second game of back to backs this year, and tonight was no different.

The Avs can never seem to start well. This was the a lot worse than the Kings game yesterday because hopes were so high after the Ducks took an early penalty. Bobby Ryan, however, didn’t seem to care that they were on the PK, and took a puck that bounced over Ryan O’Reilly’s stick for a breakaway shorthanded goal. Another unacceptable start for the Avs.

What is truly amazing about the first period was that the Avs dominated the rest of the game. They out shot the Ducks 15-2 and not only had control of the puck for most of the period, but they were keeping the puck in the Ducks zone. All of this resulted in few good scoring chances though, and they went into intermission down 1-0.

The second period was a much more even period, but Jonas Hiller was excellent in net, and on top of that, the Avs didn’t have many great chances. It’s amazing how the Avs can be out-shooting a team 28-10 after two periods, and not only be down, but have had less quality chances. For as much time as the Avs spent on offense, they sure didn’t generate much scoring. But that is par for the course for the Avs this year.

Another thing that seems to happen a lot is the other team scoring an early goal in the third period. I can’t be the only one who feels like this happens every other game. It happened against the Panthers, but once again, tonight’s was worse. I know that no one ever intentionally shoots the puck over the glass, but Shane O’Brien, there is no excuse to ever do that. Especially with such little time in the period, and such a close game. Giving the Ducks a powerplay heading into the third kept the Avs from attacking early and putting pressure on Hiller.

Ryan Getzlaf scored 20 seconds into the period, and I though, put the game away. The goal was not without controversy though, as the ref blew the whistle and the puck was no where to be seen. But Getzlaf knew it would count right away. I was not so sure. I thought the intent to blow the whistle rule was going to save the Avs, but apparently not.

The channel went to the 49ers-Giants game when Ryan scored on another breakaway, this time beating Giguere over the glove. It was a great pass from Ryan Getzlaf who was behind his own goal line, but the Avs cannot let that pass happen. That was incredibly sloppy.

O’Reilly added a goal after a drop pass in Anaheim’s zone bounced right in front of the net, to O’Reilly with Hiller not knowing where it was. A bit lucky, but too little too late I thought. But only a minute and a half later, on the powerplay Milan Hejduk slipped one past Hiller’s pad on the post to make it 3-2. Great hands by Hejduk to get that puck in the net. I don’t think anyone else on the team could have scored that goal.

Suddenly the Avs had a lot of momentum and the football game could wait. The Avs had their chances in the last 3 minutes, but could not bury the puck and the Ducks escaped with a victory. The loss tonight makes the game against the Wild on Tuesday huge! The Avs have 1 more point that Minnesota, but they have played 2 more games. A win in regulation would go a long way the rest of the season as they push for a playoff spot. A loss would give Minnesota the lead in the standings, and 2 games in hand. Also, it would make the all star break incredibly long and unhappy. Don’t let me down Avs!

The Avs next game is Tuesday against the Wild at Pepsi Center. The game starts at 7 p.m. Mountain time.

  1. Advenstor says:

    Starting JSG was troublesome, unless of course you consider him the #1 goalie; which is fine if you come out and just say that from here on out JSG is the #1; but to not make a public commitment as to who is #1 really keeps a tension in the lockerroom that is not all that positive and has people looking over their shoulders; giving up the quick 1st period goals may indicate a lack of focus by the Avs and their coaching (Sacco) staff

    • ppajak says:

      I agree the JS should not have started. The team and coach seems to have absolutely no confidence in Varlamov after only 2 bad games? That does not make sense. I don’t necessarily think they need to come out and say who the starter is, but they cannot treat one goalie like gold, and one goalie like garbage.

      As for the early first period goals, it really is becoming a problem and needs to be fixed asap.

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