Game 53. Avs-Wild. All Hope is Lost. Fans Call Off Search For Denver Hockey Team.

Posted: February 2, 2012 in Avs vs. Minnesota Wild, Game Thoughts

If settings could write a story, I would not be here right now. I would take a picture out my window, post it, and enjoy the rest of my night. It is quiet, bleak, nothing is moving. It’s snowing, completely dark, and I have no hope tomorrow will be any better. Really, it’s a perfect analogy for any Avs fan right now. But instead I am stuck writing for the next hour about how terrible the Avs played.

The only player out there who showed any desire to win, or heart on the ice tonight, was Landeskog. Maybe because he is too young to realize that the rest of the team called it a night, month, and season tonight. This undoubtedly is the toughest game I’ve had to write about this season simply because I’m at a loss for words.

The game got off to a horrible start when Minnesota scored on a wrist shot from the blue line. I understand that Giguere was screened, but he needs to make that save. That goal is 100% on him. Not only because it was a weak goal, but because he ICED THE PUCK to have that faceoff that lead to the goal. A goalie icing the puck in the first period? That’s unheard of, and a terrible, terrible play.

The Avs didn’t have a good scoring chance the whole game. Not once did I think a shot was going in, or Backstrom made a nice save. For most of the game, I thought the Avs were not the least bit interested in winning, or really even trying.

The game was very physical, and included 3 fights, but the physicality came from personal emotions rather than wanting to win the game.

There was only one play in the whole game that was a nice play, and it came from JS Giguere. He had what is arguably the save of the year. At that point in the game it was huge. Words can’t describe it, so here is the video.

Every time I watch it, it gets better and better.

I really don’t have anything else to say about the game. It was painfully obvious tonight that the Avs need to made a trade for some scoring. Every time I get on the internet, I go to and my heart sinks a little every time I see that nothing new has happened.

This game also has to put Sacco on the very hot seat. How can the Avs keep this guy when they have scored more than 3 goals only once in their last 11 games. Over 2 goals only twice. I just buried my head in pillows for a good minute or two after typing that, because it is so painfully obvious that this team needs to make a change, either through a trade or with their head coach. Ideally both, but right now I’d settle for one or the other.

Hopefully tomorrow sometime I can write about some potential trade options for the Avs, in hopes of Greg Sherman reading and getting some ideas. It’s much worse to have bad management of a team, than a bad team itself, and that’s the situation the Avs are in. The owners simply don’t care, and therefore nothing will change. I honestly think the Avs could be 5 years away from leaving Denver.

But for now I go to bed with very grim hope towards the Avs season. Hopefully I don’t wake up the same way.

The Avs next game is Saturday against the Canucks at Pepsi Center. The game starts at 1 p.m. Mountain time.

  1. Advenstor says:

    Crisp passing/teamwork was not evident last night and again an early first period goal for the bad guys reeks of a lack of focus; both of those conditions sqaurely support the idea that the players have turned off Sacco; hire somebody for next year now, let them evaluate the team over the last 25 games and move forward; its insane to think that “things” will change on their own or by doing/playing the same way over the last 25 games;

  2. ppajak says:

    I just can’t believe the Giguere icing the puck directly resulted in the goal. Unacceptable. While I agree with you that changes need to be made, especially behind the bench, I seriously doubt anything happens.

  3. TraderCaddy says:

    Hi Patrick.
    Not related to the Avs but thought you might like the Budweiser Super Bowl commercial preview, if you didn’t already see it.
    It involves some rec hockey play.

    • ppajak says:

      That is awesome. How cool would it be to playing in that game? That has to be a dream come true for those guys. I can only hope that happens to me one day.

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