Game 54. Avs-Canucks. Hard Fought Game Ends in Heartbreak

Posted: February 4, 2012 in Avs vs. Vancouver Canucks, Game Thoughts

I had to delay writing this post because I was so angry after the game. That is the difference between a playoff team, and a non playoff team, and this afternoon the Avs showed us exactly why they will not be playing hockey in April.

I thought David Jones had a solid game today. He seems to respond well to being scratched, and he played physical and big today, which is what the Avs need out of him.

The game however got off to a typical Avalanche start with the Canucks getting an early goal. The shot by Kesler was a very good one, but it seems like every time an Avs player loses their stick the other team scores. I don’t notice this trend from other teams, but you have to give the Canucks credit here.

But halfway through the period, something extremely rare happened. Halley’s comet was spotted. Oh, no, wait…it was just David Jones scoring a powerplay goal. I don’t think anyone would argue that he has had a good year, but it was nice to see him finally contribute to the team.

The Avs came out in the second period, and scored an early goal to take the lead. Jay McClement had a very nice shot past Luongo’s glove. He is an underrated player, and is very smart so it’s always nice to see him do well.

J. Mc.

One positive from the game today was the Avs PK did very well. Once again, Jay McClement is a big factor. He is a great penalty killer and a major reason why the Avs are not last in penalty killing like they were last year. But any time you can kill all 5 penalties against the best powerplay in the league that is impressive. Especially when that powerplay includes the Sedin twins.

This loss is 100% on TJ Galiardi. He had an empty net with the only defenseman in front of him, on the ice, and he missed. Just typing the sentence was rough, but it was a TERRIBLE play. Martin St. Louis had a hat trick today, with the third goal coming on the empty net. Watch how he scored HERE (Click the video link for the last goal of the game). That is the difference between a smart player, and a not smart player. And today it cost the Avs a point.

Of course, the Canucks would go down and score with 35 seconds left to tie it up, right after Galiardi missed. I think it will be a long time before I forgive him for that missed opportunity. That miss probably cost the Avs any chance at a playoff spot. A win today would have boosted some confidence and could have got the team rolling, but now Dallas-Minnesota have a 3 point game, and both are pulling away from Colorado. It’s not happening this year.

Once the game went to a shootout, was there any doubt the Avs would lose. Giguere is AWFUL in shootouts. He just stands there during the game, and nothing changes for the shootout, so why would the Avs have a chance? After Hejduk missed, I thought things were grim, and when Vancouver scored all hope was lost.

If I had to score on a breakaway to save my life against any NHL goalie, I would pick Giguere. He is the worst shootout goalie I’ve seen. He made Luongo look like Peter Budaj.

The Avs next game is Tuesday against the Blackhawks at Pepsi Center, where they look to break a 5 game losing streak. The game starts at 7 p.m. Mountain time.


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