Roster Talk. Trade Deadline Approaches, Potential Moves for the Avs.

Posted: February 6, 2012 in Roster Talk

This is one of the most exciting times of the year for hockey fans. I love it, not because the Avs made a lot of trades, but it is exciting to see where players end up, what times are going to make a run for the cup, what teams are going to make a run for the #1 pick in the draft, and so find out how franchises view certain players. So here I am putting in my two cents as to what the Avs should do at the deadline that can help the team make a playoff push, without mortgaging their future.

Avs get: Derek Roy and Drew Stafford

Sabres get: Paul Stastny, 2013 Third Round Draft Pick.

Why the deal makes sense: I advocated for trading for Derek Roy back in October, and I’m going to do it again. To start, the best thing for Paul Stastny would be a change of scenery. He has become a bit of an awkward fit in Colorado. He is paid like a superstar, but has not produced like one. If he played with a scoring winger, I think he would really excel. That is why Buffalo is such a good fit, they have Tomas Vanek. The Avs are center heavy as well- Duchene, O’Reilly, McClement, and maybe Hishon in a year or two. I don’t want to see Duchene, O’Reilly, or McClement leave this summer, so why not trade Stastny?

Trades for people with the last name "Roy" have worked for the Avs before.

Look what the Avs would get in return. Derek Roy is having a down year with 26 points in 50 games, but every Sabre seems so be having a down year. Roy had 35 points in 35 games last year before he suffered a season ending knee injury. He is 28 and could be a big factor with the Avs in a few years when they are ready to compete in the playoffs. The Avs would get Drew Stafford as well. He is the power forward that the Avs have been missing since Chris Stewart left. Also having a bad year, with 24 points in 50 games after having 52 points in 62 games last year. Stafford is also only 26 and could be a core piece of the team for years. I think both teams are looking to shake things up, especially the Sabres, and this trades helps both teams fill a need.

After Stastny is gone, and the Avs power forward need has been filled, the next person to go is David Jones.

Avs get: Michael Frolik

Blackhawks get: David Jones

Why it makes sense: David Jones has been a huge disappointment this year for Avs fans. After 27 goals last year many fans thought he would take it to the next level with better teammates around him. He has done the opposite. With better players he is not getting as much ice time and rarely contributes during games. He is going to be a UFA this summer, and I don’t see the Avs resigning him, so they should get something for him. It is no surprise that the Blackhawks are Stanley Cup or bust this year, and surprisingly, Jones would offer better depth than Frolik. Jones has 17 points compared to Frolik’s 13. Jones has also played in less games.

I’ve always thought Michael Frolik was going to be a solid player in this league despite having never scored more than 45 points in a season. He is not getting much ice time with the talent heavy Blackhawks (13:30 per game) and I think if he is given more ice time along with better players from moving up one line that he could become a 60+ point producer. He is only 23 and is signed for the 2 more seasons after this one, at 2.333 million per year. That is slightly less than Jones is making this year, and could really turn into a nice player.

The last trade the Avs need to make before the deadline is a defenseman

Avs get: James van Riemsdyk

Flyers get: Kyle Quincey, 2012/2013 Second Round Pick (Whichever one Washington does not take from the Varly trade)

Why it makes sense: The Flyers are another team that is Stanley Cup or bust this year. After losing Chris Pronger for the year, and Ryan Suter unlikely to be traded, the Flyers should turn to Quincey to strengthen their blue line. He can be a very good defenseman who puts up solid offensive numbers, much like Pronger did. Quincey is an RFA at the end of the year, so the Flyers can keep him if they want him after this year. I don’t think too many fans would argue that he has been one of the Avs best defenders this season, and that is what the Flyers need.

With JVR, the Avs would have 4 players on their team drafted in the top 3.

Van Riemsdyk is a former 2nd overall pick in the draft, and has a ton of potential. He is locked up long term at 4.25 million per year, which is probably not much more than Quincey would ask for this summer. He would be another scoring winger for the Avs which would really go well with the Avs pass first centers. He is only 22 and would be a key part of Avs team’s for the next decade. Despite never having scored more than 21 goals in a season (he is in his third) he has a ton of room to grow and would fit in perfectly with the Avs youth.

If the Avs were to make these 3 trades, I would imagine the lines would look something like this:

Landeskog-O’Reilly-van Reimsdyk



I drool over seeing that team play every night. I can’t be the only one who would love to see that. I honestly think that all 3 trades are very realistic. I tried to be as fair as possible, and I think opposing teams would have a hard time saying no to any of those trades. The only one where more might have to be thrown in is the Stastny-Roy trade. I definitely think if the Avs threw in Kobasew, or Van Der Gulik, the Sabres would be hard pressed to say no.

So what does everyone think? Possible? Probable? Have any different potential trade ideas that the Avs could make? Let me know, this is one of my favorite times of the year!

  1. Marty says:

    I don’t know about the JVR trade. I don’t think it would be enough.
    In my dreamland scenario I would rather trade Stastny + for Parise 🙂

    • ppajak says:

      Yeah, looking back on it, the Avs may have to sweeten the pot a bit. But with the rumors of Schenn for JVR straight up make me think that Quincey and a 2nd is close. Maybe add another 2nd or 3rd and I think it might be enough. I would love to see him in an Avs sweater.

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