Roster Talk. TRADE: Winnik, Galiardi, 7th Rd. Pick for McGinn, Connolly, Sgarbossa

Posted: February 27, 2012 in Roster Talk

Did not see this one coming. Wow. When the trade came up I couldn’t believe they made the trade. I have always thought that Winnik was the perfect glue guy on the team, not to mention he was a part of a great PK unit. I’m still not sure if trading Galiardi is a terrible idea or not. As a rookie in the playoff series 3 years ago he was great. He got under the Sharks skin and I have to think that is part of the reason the Sharks wanted him, but at the same time this is his 3rd season in the league and is terribly inconsistent and has only 14 points in 55 games this year.

Galiardi is still 21 and I think after this trade he will be very motivated and play well for the Sharks. Winnik will be Mr. Consistent for the Sharks. He is a great penalty killer and can play physical. The Sharks have to like their return with the trade. But what about the Avs?

As a fan when you see names you know (Gali and Winnik) for players they don’t know much about (McGinn & prospects) the first reaction is usually anger. Why would the Avs trade these good players for nobody’s? But after looking at the players and stats- I like what the Avs got back.

McGinn is another 23 year old into the Avs organization. He has 24 points in 61 games, and led the Sharks with 137 hits. He is an RFA at the end of the year, but I would imagine the Avs retain his services. Another thing this move does is opens up a roster spot for Mueller to return. That means that Olver will be staying with the team, which is a good move.

I will admit I don’t know much about McGinn but he seems to be another Steve Downie. He will add a lot of physical presence and can score as well. I think this sets up the Avs to have great balance on their top 2 lines.
That is 3 very solid lines. The top two now have a great combination of skill, scoring ability, and physicality. Downie and McGinn can go to the front of the net, they will go to the dirty areas, and that will free up the ice for O’Reilly, Landeskog, Duchene and Mueller to score. I think it is a great move for the Avs to give the top lines that combination.

But the Avs will also get more. Mike Connolly is a 22 year old who has been with the Sharks AHL team this season. It is his first season as a professional and was second on the team with 30 points in 40 games. He is not a big guy (5’9″, 180lbs) but it appears he has a decent amount of scoring ability. Certainly I could see him being a 3rd or 4th liner on the team in the future.

The other prospect is Michael Sgarbossa. He is a 19 year old playing for the Sudbury Wolves of the Ontario Hockey league. He has 84 points (41g/43a) in 57 games. He does not have great size either (5’11”, 175) but as a 19 year old he will continue to grow and could be a very nice player for the Avs down the road. He is second in the OHL in scoring. For a little comparison, here are some other players who finished in the top 5 in scoring in the OHL between 06-09 which would give them some time to make the NHL: Cody Hogdson, John Tavares, Steven Stamkos, Sam Gagner, and Wojtek Wolski. This does not include players like Bobby Ryan, Taylor Hall, and Logan Couture who did not finish in the top 5. So while I don’t know much about Sgarbossa, it looks like he could have a bright future.

Overall, I think the combination of getting size with McGinn who can help now, along with potential of Sgarbossa and Connolly makes this a good deal for the Avs. Looking at it objectively, Galiardi is probably a career bottom 6 guy: he is still just 23 but so is McGinn and nothing has shown me that he is going to develop into a top 6 guy. Winnik is also a bottom 6 guy who is a good penalty killer and teammate. He is Jay McClement jr: not as good of scorer, penalty killer, or defensive player as McClement but was definitely worth the 4th round pick the Avs gave up for him. He will be missed more than Galiardi for me.

What does everyone else think? Good trade? Bad trade? I would have liked to see Galiardi in another playoff series before giving up on him, but I think was a good trade overall. But what everyone else think?

  1. Advenstor says:

    If the Avs do/did nothing it might be looked at by the players that management is satisfied with what they are/where they are at right now – and right now they are not even a playoff team; sooo they have to do something if for no other reason then to let the players know that its all about results and right now the results are not of Cup quality; Are the Avs in position to win the Cup this year – No – but with a young team the organization must clearly state that the Cup is the goal and that they (management ) will do what they need to in order to make it a reality; change can result in a re-focussing of effort/goals/commitment/ etc by everyone and that can lead to better results; the Avs did not panic but at leasat they did something in an effort to imporve

    • ppajak says:

      I’m not sure if that is the message that the organization sends without making any trades. The Avs are still a young team and easily could have just stayed put and said they didn’t want to mess with the team’s core and fans would have probably agreed with most of it. But they addressed their needs without mortgaging the future. Maybe they let go of a good future player in Galiardi, but instead they moved mostly UFA’s who were leaving anyway and were able to add young, skills players that add to the core of this team. I think they did a very good job with trades this year.

  2. Advenstor says:

    Letting go of Winnick and Gali and even Quincey does not mess with the core group that they hope will lead them to the Cup – so thats good- making a trade/shaking things up – even just a little bit is good as well; the Avs come out of the trade deadline on a win streak with some momentum that should not be adversely affected by the moves they made; they are clearly a team for the future at this point

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