Game 73. Avs-Devils. Giguere’s Shutout Not Enough, As Avs Lose in OT

Posted: March 16, 2012 in Avs vs. New Jersey Devils, Game Thoughts

Going to keep the post very brief tonight, but disappointing loss for the Avs tonight.

JS Giguere frustrates the heck out of me. I would imagine that he had a great game tonight, because he stopped all 33 shots the Devils had, but he CAN NOT stop a breakaway to save his life. It’s tough to rag on a goalie who had a shutout, but he can’t get it done in the shootout. Could you imagine if the Avs miss the playoffs by a point or two because Giguere was so awful in shootouts.

The one highlight I have seen from the game was Martin Brodeur robbing Hejduk with a toe save. I don’t think I am going out on too much of a limb to say it was the best save of the game.

I was able to watch the shootout, and it was painful. Giguere just has no chance. It also seems like Hejduk and Mueller are getting a little repetitive with their shootout moves. Both of them need to change things up because I think other goalies are starting to get the book on their moves.

But, getting a point against a good Devils team on the second straight night of having a game on the road, after the previous game also went to a shootout is pretty dang good. I really can’t complain about losing in a shootout too much. And the Avs remain in 8th place for the night, but teams with more games left remain right on their heels.

The Avs next game is Saturday against the New York Rangers at MSG. The game starts at 5 p.m. Mountain time.


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