Game 13. Avs-Oilers. Avs find that standing around on defense doesn’t work

Posted: February 17, 2013 in Uncategorized

It’s been a while since I’ve been as disappointed with the Avs as I was yesterday. The Avs were solid offensively, but I’ve seen better defense at my local rink. Ultimately, the Avs lost 6-4.

The only reason the Oilers didn't score 15 goals. Photo from

The only reason the Oilers didn’t score 15 goals. Photo from

The Avs scored the first goal of the game, and it was less than two minutes in, and it was Cody McLeod working hard. I thought it was going to be a good night. Then the Avs scored again, this time it was Matt Duchene on a breakaway. 2-0, oh yeah, things are going well. Then just 24 seconds later, with less than a minute left in the period, Jamie McGinn made it 3-0. But right after the goal, I told a friend that not only should the Avs not be winning this game, but they should be losing. The only reason the Avs had the lead, despite scoring 3 goals, is because Semyon Varlamov was amazing. So naturally right after I say that, McLeod takes a dumb penalty after the whistle, and Edmonton scores 4 seconds later, with just 4 seconds left in the period.

But guess what, the Avs came out, and got the first goal in the second period. John Mitchell came out and got a powerplay goal! POWERPLAY GOAL, could they actually be turning things around on the powerplay? Not really, they still looked terrible.So 4-1 Avs, things are looking up, right? Nope. How about 5 unanswered goals from the Oilers. How about 18 other players leaving Varlamov out to dry. The Oilers had 55 shots in the game. That’s unbelievable. And the defense was horrific. Literally everyone just stood in the defensive zone until the puck came to them. They allowed the Oilers to do whatever they wanted. It was a joke. The Oilers easily would have had 10 goals if it wasn’t for Varlamov. The defense I saw last night, was not even AHL caliber.

Duchene and McGinn had quality nights offensively, with 3 points each, but it’s tough to say anything positive about anyone except for Varlamov, because everyone was horrible on defense. Even when they were up by 3, it was hard to feel comfortable. The Avs were honestly never the better team tonight. The box score probably won’t agree with that, but Edmonton dominated this game from start to finish, despite the Avs 3-0 and 4-1 leads.

The next Avs game is Monday against the Nashville Predators at Pepsi Center. The game starts at 1 p.m. Mountain time.


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