Game 14. Avs-Predators. Avs probably use all their luck in victory over Preds

Posted: February 18, 2013 in Uncategorized

Crazy game for the Avs this afternoon, including 7 goals in the second period, and 5 of them in a three and a half minute stretch, but ultimately it was Colorado who picked up the 6-5 victory.

Barrie and Duchene celebrate after Barrie's first NHL goal. Photo from

Barrie and Duchene celebrate after Barrie’s first NHL goal. Photo from

There is so much to talk about, I’m not sure where to start. I’ll give Tyson Barrie the nod though, as the kid picked up his first NHL goal, and continues to play well for the Avs. Both him and Stefan Elliott were in the lineup for the Avs today, and Barrie was by far, the better player. And I know Elliott is coming off a head injury and it was his first game in the NHL in a while, but going back to last year, I thought Barrie was the better player, and he certainly was tonight.

Like the title says, knowing the Avs luck, they probably used all season’s worth in today’s win. It started just 3:43 into the game when the Avs “scored” the first goal (3 in a row!) after Aaron Palushaj’s shot went off the boards, off of Chris Mason’s leg to the middle of the crease, where Mason proceeded to kick it in with his right leg. No complaints yet…

Photo from

Photo from

Next was Tyson Barrie. His goal came on the powerplay (I know, here comes the powerplay!) when he one-timed a Matt Duchene pass from the point, which beat Mason 5-hole. Great to see him finally get that goal. It’s seems Barrie has really relaxed after getting that first point, and is playing a lot better because of it. Still no complaints…

But here come the Preds/complains. Sergei Kostitsyn made it 2-1 on the powerplay with less than 3 minutes remaining in the first. Nashville also added goals in periods 2 and 3 that came with less than three to play, meaning in the last 2 games the Avs have allowed 6 goals in the last 3 minutes of periods, and that’s not counting a goal that came with 3:02 to play in the second against the Oilers. That is terrible, and that needs to improve. The Avs offensive outburst the last couple of games has really masked the fact that their defense has been horrible since EJ went down.

Now here’s my biggest complaint: Matt Duchene made it 3-1 early in the second on a goal that was CLEARLY offsides. CLEARLY. Literally everyone on the ice stopped playing for a second, because it was so obvious. The Avs will not get a luckier goal all year. Period. Finally Duchene realized there was no whistle, touched the puck, had a breakaway, and roofed one over Mason’s glove. As big of a goal as it was, as a fan I can’t feel good about it, because I know if that happened to the Avs, especially with the game being a 1 goal game, I would have lost it. It shouldn’t have counted, plain and simple. The real question here is, what was the lower point in the game; the failed offside call, or Peter McNab playing with a sock puppet on the bench? But on the brighter side, you hear about 2 sport athletes a lot, but rarely do you hear about a 2 sport referee, which I am assuming umpire Tim Welke has accomplished after seeing both of these plays:

The most exciting part of the game came from the 10:16 mark of the second, to the 13:46 mark, as the teams exchanged 5 goals in that span- 3 for the Avs (including 2 in 13 seconds) and 2 for the Predators. The highlight real goal of the bunch was the last one, where 5’11” 200lb Matt Duchene knocked 6’4” 233lb Shea Weber off the puck behind the Nashville net, threw the puck in front to Jamie McGinn who slapped it past Mason, high glove, which was the final shot Mason saw, as Pekka Rinne replaced Mason after the goal. Words just won’t do this 210 second stretch justice, so I simply leave a LINK so you can watch the 5 goals for yourself.

Nashville at least made the third period interesting when Jonathan Blum scored with less than a minute left in the second, bringing the game to within 2, at 6-4. The third period was what everyone was expecting from these teams, a tightly fought game, with a lot fewer great scoring chances for the Avs. Semyon Varlamov was excellent as Nashville was pushing hard to knot things up, but couldn’t solve him…at least, for a while. The Preds made Avs fans everywhere hold their breath when they scored with 1:18 left in the game to make it 6-5, but the Avs held their ground over the last 72 seconds, and picked up the 2 points.

In a way, this makes the Edmonton loss that much worse though, because they could have had 3 wins in a row, and back to fighting for a playoff spot, but instead they are still a game below .500, in 13th place, and still 3 points out of a spot.

Other notes:

Matt Hunwick is making it hard for me to defend him, as he had another rough game.

Stefan Elliott, as previously mentioned, was terrible. Probably the worst Av out there today.

PALOOSH! 3 point game!

Stastny & Jones each had 2, Stastny was solid, but Jones was pretty “Meh” in my opinion.

Next up for the Avs is the St. Louis Blues on Wednesday. The game starts at 8 p.m. Mountain time.

  1. Advenstor says:

    So you did not like the sock puppet?

    • ppajak says:

      You did? I just couldn’t believe they actually did that. I mean, there is an exciting game going on, and in the middle of the third period, you have one of the announcers playing with a sock puppet. It was funny though, I’ll give them that.

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