Game 25. Avs-Oilers. Of course that would happen

Posted: March 14, 2013 in Avs vs. Edmonton Oilers

Just when you think the Avs are turning things around, they never fail to fall short of expectations.
Avs-Lightning 163
I couldn’t watch the game, but I’m glad I didn’t. I surely didn’t miss much. Just classic Colorado Avalanche hockey. They win a couple of big games, everyone (myself included) is saying how great they are, and so they don’t show up for a game or two because they know that no one is going to give them too much grief for a loss. I’ve seen it before, and I’ll see it again. I’m not sure this team is capable of going on a 5 or 6 game win streak because I’m not sure they have the proper mental mindset.

The Avs struggled out of the gate, allowing 2 goals in the first period. I was watching scoring updates for the game, and even down by two I gave them a chance. They’ve pulled off some big periods, and have rallied before, but Magnus Paajarvi scored for Edmonton halfway through the second to give the Oilers a 3-0 lead, and the game was essentially over. Things don’t get any easier for the Avs, but they need to find a way to win 5 in a row, or 8 of 10 if they want to get back into the playoff picture. But at this point in time, I don’t think many people think they’re capable of that.

The Avs will next play in Wild, in Minnesota on Thursday. The game starts at 6 p.m. Mountain time.

  1. Advenstor says:

    Right on; they came out flat and that has got to be on the players but also the coaches; how long are the Avs management going to be satisfied with a staff that just does not seem capable of getting a team to perform at a level much over .500; enough; its time (probably overdue in fact) to make changes

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