Game 4. Avs-Bruins. Avs’ Goalies Love Boston, Blank Bruins

Posted: October 11, 2013 in Avs vs. Boston Bruins

It wasn’t pretty, but Colorado remained undefeated Thursday night, as JS Giguere stopped all 39 shots en route to a 2-0 victory.256
The Avs got lucky. Plain and simple. I thought Boston was the better team, but for the fourth straight game, Colorado got superb goaltending, and found a way to win the game. It was late in the first period when Ryan O’$$$$$$ tipped in a Andre Benoit shot on the powerplay. The Avs worked the puck well on the man advantage, leading up to the goal, but that would pretty much do it for Colorado offensively. You have to figure that Colorado needed a little luck to get one past Rask, but they got it done, and let Giguere take over.

Boston dominated the second and third periods, but like a puzzle with a missing piece, Giguere just couldn’t be solved. He caught a couple of breaks, with the Bruins hitting two posts, but that was matched from Colorado when Matt Duchene hit a post on consecutive shots in the third.

The third period looks eerily similar to the Avs team that we saw last season. They were not thinking about offense at all in the third. They were either going to win the game 1-0, or lose the game 2-1. They consistently got the puck to the red line, and dumped it in. Boston had 100% of the momentum, and if they got one, there is no doubt they would have gotten another.

Colorado was able to put the game away, when Matt Duchene released his inner Usain Bolt, and flew up the ice to catch the puck and knock it into the empty net. Watch the player at the bottom of the screen, I believe it’s Torrey Krug, who starts going after the puck at the same time as Duchene, with a little head start, and still is blown away by #9.

Other notes:

People seem upset that Gabe Landeskog didn’t fight Milan Lucic, at least Boston fans, but from an Avs perspective, it was a smart move. Landeskog has a history of concussions, has fought once in his career, and Lucic ended up getting a 10 minute misconduct, when they both would have gotten 5 in Landeskog would have fought.

Boston hasn’t beat Colorado in Boston since 1998

The last time the Avs played Boston in Boston, it was a very similar game, on the same exact date, but it was Semyon Varlamov who stole the show. Re-visit that game HERE

Speaking of Varlamov, if I’m not mistaken, Saturday will be his first start against his former team (Washington). It should be an entertaining game.


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