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Patrick Roy fell one game short of setting the NHL record for most wins to start a season, but Colorado bounced back and continued to win behind great goaltending.
Colorado had their 6 game win streak broken by the Detroit Red Wings last Thursday, by a score of 4-2. Wings goaltender Jonas Gustavsson absolutely stole the show, stopping 38-40 shots en route to the win. I don’t want to take anything away from Gustavsson, but Colorado missed a number of point blank chances. Posts were hit, nets were missed, shots were fanned, and it cost Colorado the victory. I have not seen so many missed shots, since watching LeBron in any clutch situation. Colorado outplayed Detroit, but couldn’t finish. Let’s move on.

And the Avs were able to move on, quickly forgetting the loss, but it helped that they played a Buffalo team that looks to contend for the first overall pick in next year’s draft. The Avs clearly won the first two periods of that game, but Buffalo fought back in the third, adding a tally just over a minute into the final period. From there, Buffalo controlled the play offensively. Obviously part of that is Colorado not wanting to take any chances and make a silly mistake up by two, but the third period of the game looked like a Joe Sacco coached team. They were playing not to lose in the third, rather than to win. Fortunately for the Avs, JS Giguere was sharp, and secured the two points.

Finally, the come to the performance of the Avs season so far, as Colorado took on offensive juggernaut Pittsburgh. Coach Roy made an interesting move, and started Giguere for the second straight game, but it paid off. I questioned the move, as Pittsburgh is all about puck movement, and striking quickly, while Giguere struggles laterally, and more plays the angles, but Patrick Roy sure knows his goalies.

Colorado gave Pittsburgh SEVEN, yes seven powerplays. They could not solve Giguere. All that Giguere needed was a second period goal from Gabe Landeskog, who scored just seven seconds after stepping out of the penalty box for a hooking penalty.

The Avs spent the third period, much like the Buffalo game, trying to protect the lead, rather than add to it. Once again, that strategy paid off, as once again, JS Giguere stood on his head.

Colorado moves to 8-1 on the season, and will head back to Colorado to take on the Hurricanes on Friday.


I have missed some great games over the past few days, but I think this one tops them all.

For the first time in a while, the Avs got off to a bad start, allowing a goal less than 2 minutes into the game. One of the reasons the Avs have had so much success lately is because they have gotten off to strong starts, so it is nice to see them come from behind to win.

The first period must have been very exciting…an early goal, a shorthanded goal, and a late goal. Wow. Great to see the Avs respond to being down by one and getting the next goal. I remember a time when the Avs going down by one meant the game was over. The shorthanded goal given up by the Avs was awful, but the important thing is David Jones was able to get the momentum back by scoring in the last minute.

While the numbers were not there for Varlamov there tonight, I didn’t think any of the goals were his fault, and he continues to be strong in net for the Avs.

In the second period, it was Gabriel Landeskog who scored the goal for the Avs. From just watching the highlights and looking at the box score, it looks like he had a great game. I was really impressed with his speed up the ice at the end of the game to get the puck into Buffalo’s zone.

I was at a spring training game watching the score of the Avs game, and thought it was over when the Sabres scored early in the 3rd. I have been down that road too many times before. Slowly I watched the updates come in, 3 minutes, 1:30, 18 seconds, 1 second… and suddenly the score changed, they scored. I couldn’t believe it. As soon as I saw the game going to OT, I knew the Avs had the win. It would be tough for the Sabres to battle back after being so close to a win. Also, if the game went to a shootout Varlamov has been amazing for the Avs, and sure enough it did.

Peter Mueller scored the same way he did against Edmonton, but Varlamov was solid on all three shots and picked up the extra point. Right now the Avs are doing exactly what they have to do…winning. The next couple of games will be challenges for the Avs as they face two of the top 6 teams in the Eastern Conference.

The Avs next game is against the New Jersey Devils at the Prudential Center. The game starts at 5 p.m. Mountain time.