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What a game! I was sure it was over when the Islanders scored their third goal. There were people that actually got up and left after that goal. But for the first time in a while, the Avs showed some life.

Honestly, I thought Giguere played pretty good. None of the goals were soft or fluke goals. They were just good plays from the Islanders. But come the 3-0 lead, I was pretty upset with the team.
But then right at the next of the 2nd period, the Avs got a 5 on 3 powerplay that honestly gave me some hope.

Stastny made a nice play to pull the puck back away from the goalie, and lift it over his pad. The biggest part of the goal was that it happened early in the 5 on 3. The Avs would have over a minute at the beginning of the third to be on the powerplay, and if they got one there, it began a one lucky break game.

But they didn’t, and once again, I was thinking they were out of it. I mean, they had not shown much to say they were capable of a 3 goal comeback. But then Hejduk, just puts a shot on net, always a good thing to do, and low and behold it finds its way in. Suddenly the Avs only need one lucky break.

The red light goes on, and Hejduk’s goal crosses the line.

It was at this point, that I stopped taking a lot of pictures, because there was actually a game to watch. I’m actually feeling like the Avs have a chance now, but certainly was not thinking that Jan Hejda’s shot was going to find the net. Give credit to O’reilly though, who made a very nice pass to Winnik who then gave it to Hejda, but once again, getting the puck to the net pays off, but it was still a pretty soft goal. But who cares!

The camera was officially down now. At this point I was just hoping for overtime, because if the Avs let in another goal, it would have been a huge blow to their momentum and confidence. And the Islanders had some good chances. But Giguere stood tall. Honestly, right at the end of regulation, I think the Islanders had their best chance of the game, where the puck was passed in front of the net, and tipped towards the bottom left of the net, and would have gone in it if was not for a nice save Giguere made with his pad.

But now the game was in overtime, and each team had some decent chances before one of the weirdest penalties I have ever heard of leads to a powerplay for the Avs. The goalie, Al Montoya, took a high sticking penalty. I have honestly never heard of that happening before. The Avs looked good on the 4 on 3, they were controlling the puck but not shooting too much. But then Quincey just puts one on net, and once again, found its way behind Montoya. I thought it must have been tipped, and they announced Jones name for the goal, but it was later reversed to give Quincey credit. What a game! I can only hope that this gives the Avs some much needed confidence and momentum, and at least beat Calgary. But for now I’m just enjoying this one, because it was a great game.

The Avs next game is Saturday against Calgary at Pepsi Center. The game is a late start at 8 p.m. Mountain Time.